"Oglarjev" Herbs Liqueur (House of Herbs)


Oglarjev požirek or "A Sip for Charcoal Burners" is spirit-based herbal liqueur with the extract of 30 herbs. In the past, only on special occasions and only the most caring wives prepared a similar herbal drink for their husbands, who worked as charcoal burners. A sip of this invigorating herbal elixir was invaluable to charcoal-burners as they were spending cold nights in shacks. (0,35L)

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- Only natural ingredients

- Herbal aroma and bittersweet flavour

- 30 natural herbs grown in Slovenia

- Gold medal from national liqueur competition

- Alcohol content: 28%


With this award winning drink, at the House of Herbs from Idrija region wanted to preserve the memory of their ancestors with this perfected recipe.  Oglarjev požirek boasts a pleasant herbal aroma and bittersweet flavour and is balm for body and soul. All herbs under the House of Herbs trademark are grown in Slovenia in pre-alpine climate at an altitude of around 1000 meters. There are no chemical fertilizers or substances used in the cultivation of the plants. The whole production process, from planting the herbs to the product packing, is executed entirely by hand. For House of Herbs, quality is the most important factor and for this reason, they only use the best parts of herbs for their products. 


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