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Williams pear brandy (Pleterje Charterhouse)


Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy (Pleterska hruška) is made with love of the monks, from the delicious Williams pears that grow in the charterhouse's booming orchard. One of the most popular Slovenian spirits, the Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy has been a sweet delight for genuine spirit lovers for years. (0,7L)

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- Fruity and aromatic

- Williams pear ripens inside the bottle

- Pear brandy has been distilled four times

- Alcohol content: 40%


After the pear tree blossoms, a bottle is tied to it and a hazelnut-sized Williams pear that gives the brandy its delicate taste is placed inside the bottle, well-protected from the playful rays of the warm Slovenian sun. Once the fruit ripens inside the bottle, it is carefully picked (together with its glass dwelling) and meticulously cleaned with special brushes held by the monks’ caring hands. Exquisite pear brandy that has been distilled no less than four times using only traditional organic methods is then poured over the pear. Throughout this amazing process, the fruit never leaves its bottle.


The taste of Williams pears is typically described as fruity, warm and aromatic, and its mouth-watering presence in combination with the patient mastery of the monks is what makes Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy truly unique. One of the highest goals of the monks of Pleterje Charterhouse is to find the perfection of love – and with their pear brandy, they might have just achieved that. And as if the magic of the pear fruit that grows inside the bottle and the brandy’s aromatic taste were not enough, the brandy also comes in an elegant, stylish glass bottle that will grace the shelves of any home…


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