Tepka Pear Brandy "Tepkovec" (Tersegvav Farm)


Tepka Pear Brandy from the Tersegvav Farm is made from carefully nurtured and selected pears that grow in the farm’s booming orchard. Tepka pears boast a fresh sweet-tart taste that is excellent in spirits, and the owners of Tersegvav Farm certainly know how to make a fantastic pear brandy – their Tepka Pear Brandy won a Golden award at the Slovenian Farm Goods Exhibition. (0,5L)

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- Only natural ingredients

- Pears picked at farms's orchard

- Locals used Tepka pear already 300 years ago

- Used by some top Slovenian Chefs

- Gold medal from national brandy competition

- Alcohol content: 40%

- Ingredients: Tepka pear brandy


Tersegvav Farm has been distilling amazing fruit and herb spirits ever since 1856, so you can rest assured that their brandies are produced using profound traditional knowledge which guarantees a high-quality end product. Tepka pears, which are the main ingredient of the brandy, have been used in spirits in Central Europe for centuries due to their specific flavour and quality.


The fruits are moist, yellow-green in colour and slightly bitter at first, but as they ripen they get their characteristic velvety honeyed taste that has made tepka pear brandy so popular in Slovenia. But Tersegvav’s Pear Brandy is not just an ordinary pear brandy – it follows a traditional recipe that is known only to the members of Pogačar family who owns the farm, and offers an exclusive taste of the unspoilt Slovenian nature.


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