Centaury Brandy "Tavžentroža" (Tersegvav Farm)


Common centaury (Centaurium erythraea) is a popular herb, traditionally used as a natural medicine which is believed to be a powerful oxidant. Pogačar family gathers this precious herb on the sunlit forests and meadows around their farm and turn it into a delicious brandy. (0.5L)

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- Only natural ingredients

- Specific bitter taste

- Belived to have health benefits

- Gold medal from national brandy competition

- Alcohol content: 40%

- Ingredients: pear brandy, common centaury


Centaury brandy is a traditional Slovenian beverage with a specific bitter taste that leaves a strong impression on taste buds. Centaury Brandy from the Tersegvav Farm is a high-quality brandy – strong, intensive in flavour and satisfying once consumed, and it has a golden award from the Slovenian Farm Goods Exhibition to prove it! Local people like the brandy for its specific taste and various alleged health benefits. The flower that serves as the base of the liqueur is called a “thousand-flower” in Slovenian language – a flower for thousand illnesses. It is believed to ease stomach, liver and intestine issues, menstrual pain, regulate blood pressure and reduce high fever.



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