Imagine tasting the relaxing freshness of a spruce forest in the unspoilt serenity of northwestern Slovenia – if you can’t, you surely haven’t tasted the traditional spruce tip liqueur yet.  Sweet to make your lips curl into a smile, bitter to leave a lasting impression and sharp to invigorate your senses, Tersegvav’s Spruce Tip Liqueur is definitely worth your time. (0.5l)

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Spruce trees can be found almost anywhere in the Northern hemisphere and are known to people across the world , but only few of them know that most of the spruce’s scent (and flavour) hides in its tips. The owners of the Tersegvav Farm certainly know that and have been using this special gift of nature for almost two centuries.


Spruce tips are also believed to offer numerous health benefits and have been used as a natural remedy for easing respiratory problems, cough, rheumatism and skin impurities for centuries.


Spruce tips used in Tersegvav’s Spruce Tip Liqueur are hand-picked from the trees in the beautiful Krma alpine valley in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. Their natural bitterness is perfectly balanced with sugar and homemade honey to offer a pleasing taste that makes Tersegvav’s Spruce Tip Liqueur a real treat. The liqueur is best when shaken before use and served at room temperature as an aperitif or an after-meal delight.  The fresh taste of Slovenian forests is within your grasp …


Bottle size: 0.5l

Closure: Cork

Alcohol level: 22%

Ingredients: Tepka pear spirit, spruce tips, sugar, honey


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