Blueberry Liqueur "Borovničke" (Tersegvav Farm)


Alcoholic beverages made from blueberries are a centuries-long tradition in Slovenia, but producers at the Tersegvav Farm know how to elevate the simple fruity aroma of blueberries and turn it into a mouth-watering liqueur.(0,5L)

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- Only natural ingredients

- Blueberries handpicked around Slovenia

- Awarded Tepka Pear Brandy as a base

- Gentle fruity flavour 

- Alcohol level: 22%

- Ingredients: pear brandy, blueberries, sugar


Tersegvav’s Blueberry Liqueur is all about the exquisite taste of hand-picked forest blueberries. Forest blueberries grow in sunlit parts of forests and since forests cover more than half of the Slovenian area, it is no wonder that blueberry beverages are so popular among locals. The natural sourness of blueberries is well-balanced with sugar and the exquisite taste of Tepka Pear Brandy in Tersegvav’s Blueberry Liqueur, creating a special beverage that manages to retain the strength of the fermented alcohol and at the same time offer a gentle fruity flavour that is not too harsh on the nose. Tersegvav’s Blueberry Liqueur is best when shaken before use, giving the enticing aroma of blueberries present in the liqueur a chance to thoroughly mix with the refreshing flavour of pear spirit. 


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