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Winter Tea was born when House of Herbs has mixed gentle flowers of elder tree, linden tree and mallow with fragrant thyme for easing the problems that winter brings. They recommend this tea when you want to warm up the body and spirit and enjoy winter pleasures free from care. (30g)

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- Elder tree, linden tree and mallow

- Good to warm your body

- Only natural ingredients

- Herbs are handpicked and naturally dried

- From clean pre-Alpine environment


Elder tree and linden tree stimulate perspiration, which helps getting rid of the cold faster. Added thyme acts as an antiseptic and soothes sore throat. Mallow flowers and leaves contain mucilage, which thinly covers the mucous membranes in the respiratory system and prevents irritation and relieves dry cough. It also softens the mucous membrane in the trachea to facilitate coughing up. The pleasant flavour of thyme and elder tree is prevalent. You can sweeten it with honey, but it is necessary to cool it down to 40°C before adding honey.


All herbs under the House of Herbs trademark are grown in Slovenia in pre-alpine climate at an altitude of around 1000 meters. There are no chemical fertilizers or substances used in the cultivation of the plants. The whole production process, from planting the herbs to the product packing, is executed entirely by hand. For House of Herbs, quality is the most important factor and for this reason, they only use the best parts of herbs for their products.


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