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Forest Honey from Kočevje region


Natural gifts from Slovenian forests are highly valued among locals, and there is no better treat than the Forest Honey from Kočevje region. EU certificate (Protected designation of origin) obligates the beekeepers in the area to follow strict standards of production, delivering a high-quality product that can be used in variety of ways. (900g)

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- Highly valued honey from unspoiled nature

- Strict rules to retain EU certificate

- Defined area where collection is allowed

- Full of mineral substances


Kočevje region is one of the least populated and industrialized regions in Slovenia, thus offering a pristine natural environment which rewards with countless natural treasures. Mineral-rich forest honey is certainly among the best of them. Forest Honey from Kočevje region is a mixture of mainly spruce tree (Picea abies), fir tree (Albies alba) and maple tree (Acer pseudoplatanus) honeydews. Gathered in a protected natural area of 1500 square kilometres, this honey offers a special flavour and contains a lot of mineral substances that are believed to bring several health benefits, including bacterial infection prevention, and cold and stomach issues relief. 


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