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Fir tree honey from Kočevje region


Fir Tree Honey from Kočevje is a special treasure from the depths of Slovenian forests. Its pleasantly mild taste and exquisite production process make it the locals favourite addition to brown bread, dried fruits and various milk products. If you are looking for something to add a touch of natural sweetness to your life, you have just found it. (900g)

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- Highly valued honey from unspoiled nature

- Strict rules to retain EU certificate

- Defined area where collection is allowed

- Many health benefits

- Full of mineral substances


Gathered from the fir trees (Albies alba), this excellent honey is produced only by the best beekeepers of the region who have the honour of being members of the Forest Honey Producers Group of Kočevje and their products the honour of carrying the EU certificate (Protected designation of origin). Strict EU production standards and third party control guarantee that the Fir Tree Honey from Kočevje delivers quality that is not likely to disappoint. Fir tree honey is believed to have beneficial effects on sore throat, colds and bronchitis, and is thus a popular ingredient in local natural remedies. Full of pristine forest flavour, it gently nurtures taste buds, providing a unique taste of natural sweetness that is highly sought-after in modern, health-aware cuisine.  


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