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Kraški pršut - 12 months (Pršutarna Lokev)


Kraški pršut (Karst prosciutto ham) is one of the most important Slovenian culinary specialities and has been a significant part of our culinary tradition for centuries. Its rich aroma, ruby-red colour and tender, juicy and slightly salty flavour without any artificial additives make Kraški pršut a true delight for all meat-loving gourmets. (1.5kg +/- 5%)

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- Rich aroma and ruby-red colour

- Juicy and slightly salty flavour

- Just Piran salt, special local wind and time

- No artificial additives or heat/smoke treatment

- Maturing for minimum 12 months 

- EU certificate (Protected geographical indication)

- Goes really well with local Teran and sheep cheese


Kras (Karst) is a truly unique region in south-western Slovenia. This stony land with countless astonishing caves and a typical strong wind called “burja” is the homeland of Kraški pršut, a traditional Mediterranean dry-cured ham, which is highly valued among gourmets all over the world. Kraški pršut has been a tradition in Slovenia for centuries and Pršutarna Lokev, a small prosciutto-producing facility, located in the heart of the Kras region, has been producing Kraški pršut by traditional methods ever since the 1950s.


Nowadays protected by the EU’s certificate of “Protected designation of origin” (PDO), Kraški pršut is made according to strict EU regulations.   First, the meat is salted twice with the salt from the Slovenian coastal region, and then left to mature for a minimum of 12 months at temperatures between 12 - 16°C. This natural process doesn’t include any heat treatment, smoking treatment or any other shortcuts – just the traditional know-how, time and specific wind-fuelled climate of the region. Pršut is traditionally served with homemade bread, cheese, red wine and some olives or melons – a perfect snack for even the most demanding gourmets!


Weight: around 1.5kg (+/- 5%) per 1 piece(since it is impossible to cut all pieces to the same weight, the pieces sent vary between 1425-1575g)



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