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Kraška panceta (Pršutarna Lokev)


Traditional way of preparation, using only the local sea salt, a special mixture of spices and the climate with its year-round dry wind, makes Kraška panceta (Karst pancetta) a truly unique treat with an exquisite aroma and flavour. The uniqueness and quality of this traditional Slovenian speciality is confirmed with EU certificate. (500g +/- 5%)

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- Intense, slightly rancid flavour

- Just Piran salt, mixture of spices and special local wind

- No artificial additives or heat/smoke treatment

Maturing for minimum 1 month

- EU certificate (Protected geographical indication)

- Goes really well with local Teran


Kraška panceta is meaty bacon made from pork belly meat. The meat is cured in salt, seasoned with a mixture of spices containing mostly black pepper, and matured outside in the typical wind of the Kras (Karst) region, called “burja”, for more than a month. No artificial smoking or heating are involved in this traditional process, thus preserving all precious proteins, vitamins and fats in the meat. This makes Kraška panceta highly nutritional and healthy in moderate amounts. Maturing process in the specific windy climate of the region gives this traditionally prepared meat  a very intense, slightly rancid flavour that is perfect for modern gourmet cuisine.


Weight: around 500g (+/- 5%) per 1 piece (since it is impossible to cut all pieces to the same weight)


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