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Smoked Cheese with Pepper, Sweet Pepper and Garlic (Pustotnik Farm)


Pustotnik farm and its top quality cheeses are one of the most famous in Slovenia, mixing local tradition of cheese making and Swiss-Dutch know-how. All their products are produced in natural way with short distribution channels, using milk from local environment where cows eat only grass and hay and do not use any additives or preservative. (whole roll 420g +/- 5%)

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- Intense taste, spicy

- Pepper, sweet pepper & garlic

Ripening from 6 - 8 weeks

- Semi-hard

- Natural way of production

- Only local cow milk

- Cows eat only grass or hay


This semi-hard cheese is made from raw semi-skimmed cow’s milk. When the rolls are fresh, we put them into small nets and leave them to smoke. Because of the smoke, the rind acquires an orange-brown colour, while the texture of the cheese is soft and flexible. A mild smoky smell complements the taste of smoked cheese, which is intense, but not spicy. A mixture of pepper, sweet pepper and garlic is added, which makes it spicier with more intense aroma. Due to its pleasant fragrance and taste as well as its fresh soft texture, smoked cheese wonderfully complements pasta, pizza or a slice of toast.


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