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Piran Salt with PDO (Piranske soline)


Piran Sea Salt (Piranska sol) with EU certificate (Protected designation of origin) is produced accordingly to an approved traditional procedure. The harvest only depends on the forces of nature - the sun, wind, sea, and the assiduous work of the salt pan workers. It's light, rich in minerals of the sea, and of an exceptional taste that provides dishes with extra culinary experiences. (1kg)

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- 100% natural light crystals

- Hand harvested (centuries old tradition)

- Delicate and distinct flavour

- Rich in minerals of the sea

- Used by top Chefs internationally

- EU certificate


The salt from Piran, used by many top restaurants around the world, is ungrounded, unrefined and of exceptional taste, enhanced by the 'mother water' captured in crystals. The basic process is natural crystallisation on salt-fields, where salt is collected on a bio-sediment base of a few millimetres thickness called PETOLA, composed of minerals and micro-organisms. It is precisely due to its crystalline form that the Piran salt has a specific flavour – not explicitly salty, as with other kinds, but remarkably rich and distinct.


On average, its mineral composition is richer than that of refined salt and is suitable for all types of natural food. Modern cuisine is becoming increasingly fond of the original form of salt – crystal, which is as old as salt-making itself. It will suit dishes where the processing does not extinguish the original flavour but rather adds to it a scent of the area of its origin.


With a description in Slovenian, Italian, English, German, French and Russian languages.


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