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Pinot Noir Selections 2013 (Marjan Simčič - Goriška Brda)


You could attribute the Pinot Noir Selections exquisite taste to 30 months long maturation in barrique oak barrels or perhaps to the superb location of the vines, but the simple truth is, one of Simčič’s best selected red wines is pure magic. And it’s waiting to be tasted… (0,75L)

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- 92 points (2012 vintage) -

- Rich in colour, extremely rich body

- Non-filtered

- 30 months in French oak barrels

- Only natural methods

- Selected grapes from older vineyards

- Colour: transparent, ruby red

- Nose: cherry liqueur, excellent cask and orange peel

- Palate: very ripe fruit, especially cherries

- Palate: fresh and lovely tartness

- Food: red meat or mushroom dishes, mountain cheeses

Grape type: Pinot Noir

- Ageing: up to 10 years

Alcohol: 13,5 % vol


Wine producers from Burgundy are not the only ones who know how to make a good Pinot noir varietal wine – Marjan Simčič from the hilly region of Goriška Brda in the west of Slovenia is a living proof of that! His Pinot Noir Selections offers an enticing ruby-red colour, a sophisticated bouquet and a ripe taste of cherries that cannot be so easily forgotten. It improves with age, so you can “forget” a bottle in your cellar for a few years, further enriching the taste of this red delight. This is also what Marjan Simčič does every once in a while – and after he “finds” these bottles again after a few years, they usually earn him a reward or two in the most prestigious wine competitions across the world…


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